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JJK-Dr.Wakadream Partners
JJK-Dr.WakaDream (DwD) is a group of people bound in Just Jesus King (JJK) by a desire to help each other to earn the livelihood they deserve while making a difference. We are a community comprised of hundreds of Christians Churches, Professionals, thousands of instructors, counselor and a Home Office team – all supporting one another to succeed. When a group of exceptional people is united by the same goal and the same values, they have the power to change their own lives, and the lives of others, for the better.

With a JJK-DwD franchise you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself

Dr. Hugues Pierre Ngatchou (waka)

Founder and CEO

Doctor Hughes Waka is a highly experienced professor and consultant with extensive experience gained from a background in University's institution and " governmental Organization" across the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and Africa. A gifted facilitator and counselor, Dr Hughes is viewed as an expert in working with youth, Universities, Schools,families and community. With a shared vision that every child could someday live in a world where they feel safe loved, celebrated and empowered. Dr Waka work has positively affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth and adults in the USA, Canada and some other countries. 
Dr WakaWaka Hughes is a holder of a Doctorate Degree, two Master Degree and 2 Bachelor Degree from University of South Dakota, University of Idaho, University of Dschang, Goddard College, University of Ottawa in the United States of America & Canada. He is a author of various books available on many bookstores.

President: Dr Stephanie Smith

Dr Stephanie Smith has played a significant role in shaping the academic & business skills of many students and further their career advancement using an exceptional demonstrated expertise in teaching.

Stephanie Academic Background includes:

• Obtained a PhD from University of UT in the United State of America

Executive Director : Karen Taylor 
 Karen has been Executive Global Senior 
Director at Standard of Excellence Canada. She was also top director CAnada at MaryKay.
Circle of Achievement ($ 650,000/yr)
Top Ten Sales Director Rewards
Coach , Mentor and Top Trainer
Corporate office team
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International Coordinator / Africa Area:
Choake Jasmin.

Very fluent in French, Jasmin is a 
holder of a master degree in 
Business Administration. Gifted with analytic skills.

Vice President Development:
Daniel Sindjeu

Vice President Marketing
May Huang

How to make a living making a difference.

You’ve reached a point in your career where you’re ready for a change – a big change – something new, something different, something you can call your own. But what does that opportunity look like?

With a JJK- DwD franchise, the opportunity is crystal clear: you’ll be in the business of changing lives, one child at a time.

Your days will be spent creating relationships in your community – with schools, with parents, with the students who will visit your centers, and with your own employees. You’ll work to find the best people for the job, mentoring and overseeing them to ensure every child gets the attention they need and deserve.

Updating parents on their children’s progress and experiencing the energy of an environment where kids have aha moments and feel better about themselves is like nothing else. Compared to other franchise opportunities – including those in the supplemental education industry – JJK-DwD has created a business model that stands alone in efficiencies and rewards.